Winding Rio Sambu
Exotic Plants
Trek to Jungle Site
Sambu River Late Afternoon
Busy Sambu Intersection
Wounaan Indian Baskets
The tagua carvings of the
Wounaan and the Emberá
Indians of the Darien Province
The population of Darien is of black groups immigrating via land and river from Columbia, and descendants of black fugitive
slaves brought to the Isthmus during colonial times. They settled mainly in the towns of Yaviza, La Palma, El Real,
Chepigana, Jaqu and Puerto Obaldia.
Additionally the province is also inhabited by natives (Indians) of the Wounaan and Embera tribes that migrated from Choc in
Colombia and live still with the same customs they had thousand of years ago inside the Darien National Province. These
tribes are now grouped in two territories within the Darien province called the Embera Wounaan National Park.
There are no major differences between the Embera and the Wounaan except for their language, their customs are the
same. They live in the forest on the shores of the Sambu, Jaque, Chico, Turquesa, Membrillo, Tuira, Yape and Tucuti rivers.
They engage mainly in sustainable agriculture, hunting, fishing and raising fowl. They are excellent wood carvers and basket
weavers. These are of excellent quality and are available for sale.
You can find beautiful souvenirs made by the Embera Wounaan. Not only their baskets but also the magnificent carvings in
wood and in "Tagua" seeds (a hard nut from the Tagua tree). These carvings represent iguanas, monkeys, tigers, birds and
all sort of animals found in their domain.
Another great skill of the Embera Wounaan is the construction of the best canoes in Panama known as "piraguas". And you
can believe that because even the Panama Canal Commission (currently the Autoridad Interoceanica) uses these canoes to
transport their experts to hard to reach areas.
The largest rivers in the province of Darien are the Tuira and Chucunaque rivers. Darien is the last frontier for many
endangered species and is considered one of the most complete tropical ecosystems in all of the American continent.
Sambu Hause Darien Panama
A look at some of the on going construction work
Everything has to be shipped in via Plane or Boat
Front Bedroom Unit
Side Balcony and BBQ Construction
Front Balcony and Drinking Bar
Sambu Hause Bed & Breakfast
Sleeping Boa
6 Inch Spider (Jungle)
Future Tree house Site
Michael's River Yacht
Carved by local Indians
from a single tree !
A note for interested

SambuHause, I have built as a
retreat  for Darien travelers.

I have enjoyed many travels
there and decided that I would
like to share that experience
with the world.  

What was lacking was a safe
haven to return to after a
jungle adventure or a river

Consequently, the concept of
SambuHause was born.

Now, it is not luxurious, it is
not the Ritz....what it is... is
comfortable and
accommodating to the weary

I have not finished with all the
detail that needs to be
accomplished as that I too
need to fly in when I have
spare time and money to move
the project forward.

It is presently at a stage where
guests can be welcomed.

SambuHause can set up your
special custom events.

Day Trips
Overnight Jungle Trips
River Trips
Jungle Trips
Village Trips
Artesian Trips

We have contacts in the
village that Maria
(SambuHause Management)
can negotiate with that can
fulfill your adventure desires.

Remember, the Darien area is
a jungle
SambuHause affords you the
base camp from which to
that adventure.

SambuHause Front
interesting tools  from Rio Sambu  
The Petroglyph