Exotic butterfly's
Wounaan and Emberá
Indian Tribes,
Sambu has Eyerything !
Sambu Hause Bed & Breakfast
Sambu, Darien, Republic of Panama
Panama Country Code 011 then
507 268 6905 (Mabel)  
507 668 74 177 (Mabel Cell)
507 6 766 5102 cell of Michael
Flight to International Airport Panama TOCUMEN
Overnight Panama
Flights via  Air Panama from Airport Albrook,  Marcos A. Gelabert  to Sambu, Tuesdays,
Thursdays and rarely on Saturdays only,  approx $150.00 US roundtrip.
I can recommend and set up local Bed and Breakfasts for you, close to the regional airport,
just e mail me with your names and reservation information.
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Sambu River & Mountains
The Sambu River, Jungle and
Mountain backdrop.
Panama's Harpy Eagle
954 species of birds
in Panama
Sambu Hause   Bed & Breakfast           Darien Jungle, Panama
Bienvenidos a Darien                        The Sambu Hause
Boa, relaxing in tree limbs over
tributary river, The Jungle !
Water Creatures !
Rio Sambu
Entrance to river tributary taking us to
our jungle site.
Sambu Travelers note:

Hi Michael,
In November my husband and I
accompanied our son and his fiance
to Sambu and stayed at your
SambuHaus.  It was the trip of a
lifetime for me.  We traveled up the
river to the furthest village.  I can't
recall the name.  We had a great
time with the children and stayed
overnight in the village.  We visited
another village on our return the
following day.  It was difficult
choosing baskets to buy as I loved
them all.  So we bought a few
hoping to have another opportunity
I couldn't tell how the people felt
about our entering their world but
they were most gracious and the
children exhibited no greed,
selfishness or any of the traits we
see in children of more complex
There is so much I could say about
our Sambu experience but being
connected there, you already know.
I printed my photos and put them in
an album which I sent to my son in
Chitre.  He is an archaelogist there.  
When he gets to Panama City he
will send it to Sambu via the small
plane.  It is my small thanks to the
people who welcomed us into their
SambuHaus was the respite you
describe when we arrived back in
Sambu after our overnight.  The
women who took care of us there
were wonderful.  I'd return in a
Warmest regards,
Carol Locascio
Little Gasparilla Island, Florida
Spectacular shot of Rio Sambu,
moving down river towards Boca
Sambu.  Thanks Howard for this shot !
Sambu Sky, Another of my guests
Howard and Jenna's great shots !
Amazing wildlife as viewed from the
river yacht !
Off we go on another river excursion !
No two are alike, I am just amazed
each time I travel the river.

Ryan Michael Harrington having a henna tattoo applied  by an Embera friend of

He wanted that fierce Indian hunter type look for his travels throughout the Darien !   (2011)