Attention Travelers and adventurers
Flights into and out of Sambu are as follows

Air Panama
Wednesdays, and Saturdays,

It is recommended that you arrive in Panama, spend the night in Panama City,
Then proceed to Marcos A. Gilabert Airport (Albrook) for the prop flight to Sambu
The following morning.

Seats are limited on the smaller props, so get your reservations in !
Flights (
2011) are $150.00 US per adult, round trip.
Adventure on the Sambu and Venado Rivers...Homebase: Sambu Hause!

An Adventurer's Report !

Deep within the wilderness of eastern Panama's Darien Province, lies the village of Sambu on the Rio Sambu.
The town is a veritable outpost linked to the rest of the world by only a handful of weekly domestic flights or
several hours trip by boat. Mail goes out by plane. There's one public phone, satellite driven and solar-powered.
Cellphone? Here it's nothing more than a paper- weight... You wanted to get away from it all, right? Well,
welcome to your "other"home...

Point of contact for this fabulous getaway is Michael Harrington (SambuHause@yahoo.com). He can give you
preliminary information, help you plan the domestic portion of your trip, and recommend a couple of useful items
to take along. Michael's dream is Sambu Hause, the first hotel in this small village: a home-away-from-home.
Newly constructed and complete with front porch, side deck, first-class BBQ set up, clean, brightly painted
rooms with screens, shutters, and fans, cozy living room with TV and DVD, and full kitchen and dining room,
Sambu Hause is a place to eat, rest, and repack your gear in peace and security. A refreshing shower and
modern toilette await in one of two new bathrooms.

Whether Michael is away on business or in Sambu as your host, his sister-in-law and trusted assistant, Maria,
will make you feel like you're at grandma's house while loading you up with wholesome food prepared with
"carino" (loving care). Maria can show you around the village and advise you on purchases, expedition
arrangements and just generally help you navigate this already very friendly and welcoming place. Be sure to
always greet your neighbors in Sambu as you head down the sidewalk, 'cause they are all real friendly-like.

Maria can introduce you to reliable folks who, for a modest fee (bring cash in bills, no larger than twenties), will
take you on some serious eco-adventures up or down river. Witness the huge trees with "tall" roots in a forest
whose floor is covered with millions of baby crabs. How about the stunning beauty of the opening of the Rio
Sambu into the ocean, complete with tropical breeze and pink birds lining the shores. Back in towards the
interior, explore the "comarcas" or indigenous territory arriving in a "piragua" (dugout canoe) which is piloted by
your trusted native guides. In each village, you will likely be welcomed by the chief, you will sample native food
and drink (try not to turn things down or leave food unfinished), and you will delight to sleeping in the open air of
one of their unique, raised homes (bring a mosquito net if your blood is "sweet"). Hearty explorers will take
advantage of hikes offered by native people (bring enough water) and even bathe and swim in the virgin waters
of the Sambu and Venado Rivers. Along the way, you will see a variety of birds and on the hikes, there are rare
insects (Morfo butterfly), birds (including toucans and hummingbirds), turtles, an occasional monkey, and yes,
even some multi-colored frogs. In some villages, there are "exotic" pets that will amaze you. Do you like cute,
authentic pictures of native kids?... You'll get all you can handle. Here, as a decent person, you need not be
self-conscious in taking a child's hand as they follow you around a village...they are like your own little
"entourage"...so enjoy some healthy, human contact.

As for danger, I guess I completely missed the dangerous parts, 'cause I did all of the things listed above and
left with nothing more than a very slight sunburn. Just watch where you step and where you put your hands
(especially in the forest), don't go hiking without a guide,
and listen to the native people's advice...'cause they know what's going on.

For an Amazon-like experience without the big budget preparation, seek out Michael Harrington
(SambuHause@yahoo.com).  I know I would love to be out on the Sambu River right now or even passing the
evening hours chatting with Maria (in Spanish) in the kitchen over a yummy and balanced meal. So save up
folks, get out there and tell 'em I sent you and that I'll be along again pretty soon!

Thomas "Tom" Spengler- Amateur Adventurer

May 15th 2011
SambuHause awaits your visit.  Come play in our Darien...it is amazing!
Postings by Michael
Sambu Hause                                                       Darien Jungle  Panama
Page Reserved for Sambu Hause Info
A note for interested adventurers

SambuHause, I have built as a retreat  
for Darien travelers.

I have enjoyed many travels there
and decided that I would like to share
that experience with the world.  

What was lacking was a safe haven to
return to after a jungle adventure or a
river trip.

Consequently, the concept of
SambuHause was born.

Now, it is not luxurious, it is not the
Ritz....what it is... is comfortable and
accommodating to the weary traveler.

I have not finished with all the detail
that needs to be accomplished as that
I too need to fly in when I have spare
time and money to move the project

It is presently at a stage where guests
can be welcomed.

SambuHause can set up your special
custom events.

Day Trips
Overnight Jungle Trips
River Trips
Jungle Trips
Village Trips
Artesian Trips

We have contacts in the village that
Maria (SambuHause Management)
can negotiate with that can fulfill your
adventure desires.

Remember, the Darien area is a jungle
SambuHause affords you the base
camp from which to experience
that adventure.

Fotos from The Darien
Incredible Jungle Trees
Clothing Optional (it's da Jungle)
Embera Kitchen (Fogon)
Amazing Root systems
A Jungle Tributary
Okay, here we go !
The Darien's Majesty
An Embera Staircase
No One enters the jungle
without knee high rubber boots !
My Sambu Alarmclock
Neighbor's Guacamaya
My Guides Son
An incredible pair of art deco panels I found against a giant mango tree in Sambu.  I
am told that a missionary group sent them into the Darien from Europe in the 1930's.
They weigh 5-6 hundred pounds each.  They now decorate SambuHause's balcony.
One of the better maps I have
found of simply laying out the

You can see Rio Sambu that
starts in the mountains and flows
to the sea at Garachine.
A note for those hardy
adventurers that desire the
rustic route to Sambu as
opposed to the $150.00
round trip Air Panama flight.

A bus from the Albrook
terminal that takes you to
Meteti.  A beat up taxi or pick
up truck that takes you from
Meteti to Puerto Quimba.  A
piragua that takes you from
Puerto Quimba to La Palma.

In La Palma you need to seek
out a "Panga" (fiberglass high
powered boat) to take you
from La Palma into the gulf,
towards the village of
Garachine where rio Sambu
flows into the bay.

You will take the rio Sambu up
river, past La Chunga to the
village of Sambu.

Pangas do not travel with
regularity, you may have to
overnight in La Palma.