SambuHause Fotos
New Kitchen Master Cabinet
First Varnish application
New master Control Panel
Actually the first ever in
the house !
This is how each board is
cut/made for SambuHause
Water Tower
SambuHause Entrance
SambuHause Side Balcony
SambuHause Front
East Side SambuHause
BBQ with Firebricks
and SanCocho cooking area
BBQ is sized to roast an
entire Pig or whatever
animal you might desire !
TV/DVD Center
Mosquito proof Screen Door
Front Bedroom
Wash Basin
New Shower's
Foto Update
A note for interested

SambuHause, I have built as a
retreat  for Darien travelers.

I have enjoyed many travels
there and decided that I would
like to share that experience
with the world.  

What was lacking was a safe
haven to return to after a
jungle adventure or a river

Consequently, the concept of
SambuHause was born.

Now, it is not luxurious, it is
not the Ritz....what it is... is
comfortable and
accommodating to the weary

I have not finished with all the
detail that needs to be
accomplished as that I too
need to fly in when I have
spare time and money to move
the project forward.

It is presently at a stage where
guests can be welcomed.

SambuHause can set up your
special custom events.

Day Trips
Overnight Jungle Trips
River Trips
Jungle Trips
Village Trips
Artesian Trips

We have contacts in the
village that Maria
(SambuHause Management)
can negotiate with that can
fulfill your adventure desires.

Remember, the Darien area is
a jungle
SambuHause affords you the
base camp from which to
that adventure.

Slicing our way through the jungle !
Wild Tapir, a great meal that night !
Mind-Blowing Flowers !
Michael Aug 2008
Traditional Embera Home, Up River,
breakfast cooking !
Ryan Michael Harrington, now age 7, returns to Sambu,
the Darien, with his father Lawrence Michael Harrington.
He loved the jungle, SambuHause, and his many friends
in the Darien Jungle.  The trip with him was amazing !
He is pictured here with my guide Juancito and cousins.
Ryan Michael Harrington (2011) with my friend the adventurer
George..(Jorge) from Poland.
This is Ryan's pet Sloth !  Gotta love the Darien !
Yes, Ryan did indeed need a haircut.....Jungle hair day !