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Darien Jungle Photo Album:
The Petroglyph
An amazing trek seven hours up the rio Sambu...then a four
hour torturous jungle hike (one way) to the stones site.  

Almost killed me at 62 years of age, but I made it.  An
adventure beyond the pale.

The stone's carvings have been dated at 5 thousand years of

No one knows who carved this...or why....or what the symbol
significance means.

Tis an adventure of a lifetime to trek there.

It is dangerous, the Darien Jungle is UNFORGIVING...you
travel at your own risk, you may not come back.

I can get you there but it is not an inexpensive trek amigos.

The first Glimps
4 hours into da jungle one way
     Michael is beat !
Walking over river stones is treacherous !
Cleaning off 4 inches
of river moss !
Robert Hyman, the discoverer, advises the large
petroglyph image is a Cayman (type of alligator) and
this is what makes this petroglyph site so unique.
This design is unlike any others in Panama!
Lawrence Michael Harrington
           Himself !
The Scream before Edvard Munch
           stole the idea !
Massive Darien Jungle Tree Trunk
Beautiful, but a hard jungle rain
turns this creek into a raging river
in a heartbeat !
You do not want to slip here !
Spectacular waterfall within the jungle.
Yes, a Fer-De-Lance (know as an Equis in the Darien)
This one is over a meter long.  They have no fear of mankind.
A snake out of the stone age !
Been there....Done that !
August of 2008