A jungle experience with the comforts of a quality Bed & Breakfast !
A note for interested adventurers

SambuHause, I have built as a retreat  
for Darien travelers.

I have enjoyed many travels there
and decided that I would like to share
that experience with the world.  

What was lacking was a safe haven to
return to after a jungle adventure or a
river trip.

Consequently, the concept of
SambuHause was born.

Now, it is not luxurious, it is not the
Ritz....what it is... is comfortable and
accommodating to the weary traveler.

I have not finished with all the detail
that needs to be accomplished as that
I too need to fly in when I have spare
time and money to move the project

It is presently at a stage where guests
can be welcomed.

SambuHause can set up your special
custom events.

Day Trips
Overnight Jungle Trips
River Trips
Jungle Trips
Village Trips
Artesian Trips

We have contacts in the village that
Maria (SambuHause Management)
can negotiate with that can fulfill your
adventure desires.

Remember, the Darien area is a jungle
SambuHause affords you the base
camp from which to experience
that adventure.

Sambu's cement Airstrip
Small props from Panama
Good Life..Pura Vida !
Panama - Sambu - Airport Details
Airport Code        :               SAX
Airport name        :             Sambu
Runway Length        :         1962 ft.
Runway Elevation        :         39 ft.
City        :                           Sambu
Country        :                    Panama
Country Abbrev.        :          PA
World Area Code        :       162
GMT Offset        :               +5.0
Lat/Long: 8° 6’ 0” N / 78° 19’ 0” W
7 pound Quartz rock
with Darien Gold Crystals!
Rio Sambu as it
winds into the Ocean
Rio Sambu
Come relax a while !
Prop Service to Sambu
Air Panama only
It is not Easy !
Construction in a site like Sambu, the Darien is at best
a very taxing experience.  You have to believe and love
what you are doing.  Build it - and they will come !  All
materials and equipment are harvested locally or need
to be shipped in by Air or by the River.
Ah Well...
Sambu Hause is a labor of love....
You are going to love it and Sambu's people !
Sambu Hause B&B  It is Open !
Sambu Hause Bed & Breakfast                       Darien Jungle  Panama
I recommend a Thursday fly in and then a Tuesday departure to see my Darien.
Here is a fantastic and
historic specimen of
from this locality is
extremely rare
Embera Music Group
SambuHause's RiverYacht
Custom made for Michael
From a single jungle tree.

Juan Asprilla (rest in peace)
father in law, and a great
river man, handpicked the
tree it is crafted from.

I truly miss him.
Embera Home, Pavarando
up river 7 hours.
The river is a commercial highway here
in the Darien
Jungle Waterfall
Petroglyph Quest Blog by Michael SambuHause
Michael Dancing with the Embera Women
You are going to need QuickTime to
run this video, but you will find it and
Michael amusing I promise!

Bob Fisher Productions
A Bob Fisher production from
California!  SambuHause guest Aug 08
Click the link above
(the best on Panama in English!
  (Lat/Long: 8° 6’ 0” N / 78° 19’ 0” W)
Important, New EMail address !